Sunday, August 30, 2015

* snacking on.. *

Good morning Friends!

I thought I would show you my favorite healthy treats this month :

* dates+ almond butter

* green goddess smoothie (kale+avocado+celery+parsley+lemon juice+apple+ pineapple )

* fried banana slices ( add coconut oil+cinnamon )

* roasted chick peas ( salt+ pepper+ olive oil )

I would love to know what your favorite snacks are! :) 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative, 


Friday, August 28, 2015

* hello Hungary! (pt.2) *

Our next stop was the "Balaton". It's Hungary's biggest lake and we were very excited to explore it some more. 

We found this lovely little town, Dorgicse with a lavender field called " Levendarium" , it was absolutely magical. 

I will never forget all the wonderful purpleness and the sweet buzzing of hundreds and hundreds of bees.

I totally felt like a princess in a fairy tale. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

* special birthday *

Good Morning Friends!

Last Saturday was my husband's birthday, and of course I tried to make it special. 

* I made him a personalized apple pie,( he is not a big fan of cakes :) ) it so easy and quick and super delicious
I have two recipes on Pinterest that I usually use: 

* Number piñata
I had this Pin saved forever and I finally got to make it :) 
This one is very easy to make as well, BUT it's very time consuming. (  I had to stay up a few nights to work on them ) 
You can find how to make them on the oh happy day website.

Make something very special and personal for your loved ones, trust me, they will appreciate it <3. 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,


Friday, August 21, 2015

* hello Hungary! (pt.1) *

Long Distance is very hard. 
I miss my family and friend terribly, every single day. 
So when I visit them, we try to make the best out of it!

This year I got to spent 5 weeks in Hungary, which was magical. 
I love to travel, and I haven't been to a lot of places, but this time we explored Hungary's hidden treasures. 

Our first stop: Martonvasar, Brunszvik Castle 

 Can you imagine that Beethoven used to play in this castle? 
It was truly wonderful. 

Check out the beautiful botanical garden too! 

You need to visit Hungary!! You will not regret it ! 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative, 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

* wake up call #3 *

smoothie bowl from a different perspective

the greek yogurt edition 

Good morning, Friends! 

I am hoping that you all have been trying out some new breakfast recipes, or you've been trying to eat breakfast. 
Drinking just coffee in the mornings will not give you the energy to "move mountains", you're going to be HANGRY and we all know the results of that.( at least I do... :) ) 

Here are some new tips for you to feel wonderfully energized in the mornings. 

Try Greek yogurt! I always get the original one, without any added flavors or sugar. Do not worry, with adding your favorite fruit and nuts, I promise you won't need all that nasty added sugar or flavor. 

Make these Greek yogurt smoothie bowls!

My favorite combinations are: 

-greek yogurt+peaches+oats+chia seeds+ bee pollen (blend)

-greek yogurt+blackberries+raspberries+oats+chia seeds+bee pollen (blend) 

I usually put some fruit on top( blueberry, banana, mango,raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, fig etc.), some almonds, cashews, etc. 

They fill me up pretty good and they are packed with all kinds of goodness for your body! :) 
When I am super hungry I might add some granola. :) 

There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest, I am sure you can find The One that's best for you! 
Make it pretty with some toppings! Trust me, you're going to feel like you're on vacation. :) 

Let's eat our fruit and veggies, so our immune system can be ready for winter. :) 


Be yourself, be happy, be creative, 


Friday, August 14, 2015

* homemade popsicles *

Good morning, Friends! 

Check out these beautiful popsicles! I cannot believe I made them.

 I have been obsessed with other people's popsicle pictures on Pinterest, so I decided that i have to make them until we still have all these lovely fruit this summer. 

You're not going to believe how easy is to make them and they are absolutely delicious.

I need to warn you, these popsicles are like the Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter compare to Nutella. They are not going to be as sweet as a regular popsicle, but they are healthy, packed with vitamins, so you can taste the fruit not the sugar. :) 

I hope you'll try to make them!

You'll need: 

- greek yogurt ( 1 cup )
- coconut milk ( 1/2 cup )
- shredded coconut
- chia seeds
- maple syrup
- fruit ( blackberries, raspberries ) 

Mix everything together, divide among the popsicle molds, and place it in the freezer. 

Enjoy your yummy, delicious, healthy popsicles!

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,


Monday, August 10, 2015

* wake up call #2 *

the avocado edition 

Hello friends!
I hope you had an amazing weekend! I've been trying out some new recipes for breakfast so here are a few avocado breakfast options. 

First of all avocados are magical. They are absolutely delicious in many different ways, but I am obsessed making breakfast with them :) 

They are super healthy:  Balance hormones
                         lower cholesterol
                         improve digestion
                         moisturize skin
                         fix blood sugar

 Here are the recipes that I've tried and they turned out to be delicious: 

Let me know which one is your favorite! 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

* green beauty *

Good Morning Friends!!

I am all about being "green". If you ask my family and friends they will probably laugh and say, "oh yeah, she wants a Prius to save the planet ..." :) Haha :D I would love to try. :) 

My "tree hugger"attitude is making me change our skin care routine  ( my husband is trying new things, which I love and so thankful for) and of course my beauty routine. 

I've tried a few subscription services, and honestly Petit Vour is so far the most valuable. 
They use vegan, cruelty-free and luxurious products. I've received five boxes so far and I am so impressed. 

You get four products: skincare +makeup + bath/body + hair/nails

The July box:  1. AILA  2. Luxe de Mer  3. Routine  4. Nubian Heritage  

I am extremely satisfied with my boxes, the sizes of the products are very reasonable, with some full size ones. It usually take me about a month to finish the products, so you can decide if you're liking them or not. 

I've purchased quite a few full size products from these boxes. Juice beauty is one of my favorites and I use their CC cream every day and I absolutely love it. The Konjac Sponge Co. facial sponge is amazing, I feel like I am having a facial every time I use it.      ( Psst.. It removed my waterproof mascara after my friends wedding!! I did need the waterproof factor <3 ) 

I cannot be more excited about the August Petit Vour box, and now that I've been trying out these products for a while I can report back how they improved my skin without harming animals and my body. 

Let's save our animals together <3 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,