Saturday, February 7, 2015

* unique marshmallow sticks *

It's getting really cold here in South Carolina so go ahead and take those marshmallows, graham crackers, pretty blankets out and let's have an awesome campfire with your friends and family.

I love to make a big deal out of everything so I thought I could make a few pretty "marshmallow sticks" for our next campfire-y night. 

You'll need: 
*paint ( color of your choice )
*yarn /twine

 1. Use your knife. Try to "shave" your stick. ( just like in the old days when we didn't have pencil sharpeners :) )
2. Paint some easy patterns on the bottom half of your stick. 

   3. If you want some glitter, do not wait for the paint to dry, go ahead and poor some on it! 

4. You can even personalize them, by painting names on them.

5. Don't be shy! Use that glitter! :)

Ta da!!

Turn your phones off and spend some time with your family and friends! Make something special and enjoy some s'mores!

I hope you had/having a lovely week! 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,