Saturday, January 24, 2015

* ...Bonjour... *

January is not my favorite month... You have to put away all of your Christmas decorations and the house looks so empty.  I don't like our living room without those pretty lights, without the christmas candles. So I decided that I am going to decorate for Valentine's Day. I am going to ( try to) decorate my house for all the seasons, holidays etc. 

Here is how I made my Valentine's Day wreath.  
A super easy and cheap way to dress up your door.

I used:
*grapevine wreath 
( I got these two at Target, and I only spent $6 )
*MOD PODGE glue 

1. Make little circles with your yarn. Cover it with glue. Don't be shy, dip your fingers in the glue and run it through the yarn. Try to make little heart shapes. It's not so easy so I used clothespins to help me keep the shape. Let it dry. 

2. Now you're done with your hearts, we can start making some letters for your wreath. Don't be scared! Shape your letters the way YOU want them, one by one and put the glue on it. While they are drying you can still shape them, so don't get frustrated if the first one won't turn out the way you wanted it. 
Be patient and when you're done, let them dry.
( Look at my "B"... :) It's not the most prettiest one for sure, but i wanted it to be simple and easy.)

3. The last step is to put everything on your grapevine wreath. 

Here's how mine turned out:

I absolutely loved making this little wreath. 
I think playing with yarn would make same really interesting things like:
decorating your presents with some letters, hearts, flowers etc.

Let me know if you can think of anything else to use them for :) 

Have a very LOVEly day! 

Be yourself, be happy, be creative, 


Saturday, January 10, 2015

BIY * Chocolate Love *

Let's make something personal each month! Is it the birthday month of one of your friends? Husband? Your Mom?Dad? Is it your sister's birthday? Is it Valentine's Day?
I got you covered. We will make a super easy, homemade little gift for the birthday boy/girl/man/woman in your life.
I would like to post something BIY each month, so you can surprise your loved ones with an extra special gift.

I made these chocolate spoons for everyone for Christmas. They are easy to make, and a real inexpensive treat for anyone.
Forget about the powders, make a real,super rich, fancy hot chocolate.

Let's get BIYing

You'll need :

     *ice tray *chocolate chips (white or regular) *wooden spoons ( they are really cheap on amazon)

     Different flavors/decoration:
     * peppermint
     * cinnamon
     * marshmallows
     * sprinkles
     * orange zest
     * almonds

*Go ahead and melt you chocolate.....
Wait, what? How do I melt chocolate?
Use a double boiler. You'll need a pot with water in it. Put a pan on top of it, where you'll put your chocolate in. Chocolate can burn very easily, so the water steam will melt the chocolate for you.
* Pour the melted chocolate into your ice tray. Mix it with white chocolate for a marble effect, use only white chocolate, mix the flavor in it ( cinnamon, orange zest, peppermint.. etc.)
* Put your spoon in the middle.
* Decorate the top!
*Put your tray in the fridge for a few hours.

( I tried mine with a cookie pan as well, the only thing I did differently is that I rubbed the pan with coconut oil before I poured the chocolate in. )

The flavor is really up to you, and the person who is receiving your gift. My husband's favorite is the one with the marshmallows, really simple, classic hot chocolate. I love the orange one with some cinnamon.

         #BIYchocolatespoons #BIY #thehungarican

Give it it a try, trust me everybody loves hot chocolate! And the fact that you made it especially for them will make it the most delicious treat they have ever had.

Be yourself, be happy, be creative,